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The strait jacket is a tangible representation of a state of mind that we would all find terrifying! If you think about Halloween as fright-night then this most fundamental of fears must be included in our list of costumes for Halloween.

This costume is often referred to as a "straight Jacket", although the correct name is "strait" which comes from restraint. The wearer's arms are tied behind them so that movement is restricted. The version shown here is from our friends at www.fancydress.com and is an altogether more comfortable version than the real thing. This one has slits in the sleeves so that the wearer can slip their arms out!

Amy's Costume Review

The costume is made of very thin cotton fabric, you will need to wear something light underneath, but at the price what could you expect? The top and trousers are separate items. The pack says that the top is 'quick release' but don't get over excited this only means that there are slits for you to get your hands out without having to be untied. Simple but effective, perhaps add a drop of blood for the extra Halloween effect. All things considered...

4 skulls out of 5

...for this one.

signed Amy T. Ville

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